How to Recover Deleted Numbers From a Cell

By James McElroy

Cell phones let you carry your phone book around in your pocket. With that convenience comes the risk that if anything happens to your cell phone, or you accidentally delete a number, the information could be gone forever. Learn some strategies for recovering deleted numbers from your cell phone and be ready to recover the numbers should the need ever arise.

Step 1

Look in other folders on your phone. If you deleted a contact from the phone but spoke to the person on your phone recently, the number is still in the "Sent Calls" or "Received Calls" folder on your phone. It will no longer be associated with the name from your contact list, so just look through your calls around the last time you spoke with the person.

Step 2

Look at your phone bill. It may take some paper shuffling, but the number is there somewhere. Your search will be much easier if you remember when you last spoke to the person or if that number is from an area code you do not normally call. Some cell phone bills also list the city where the other person spoke to you from, which could help the search.

Step 3

Call your cellular service provider. If you cannot wait for the phone bill, your cell phone company has real-time records of your phone calls. This is another instance where a specific time when you spoke to the person, or a unique location, will come in handy.

Step 4

Read your phone's instruction manual to see if the number is stored elsewhere on the phone. BlackBerries, for instance, maintain a hidden log of calls, including those that have been deleted.