How to Recover Deleted Word Documents For Free

By Sabrina Ashley

Word documents are created in Microsoft Word. When you delete a document, it goes to the Recycle Bin. If you accidentally deleted a document, you can recover it from the Recycle Bin in a few steps. But if you empty the Recycle Bin, then you need data recovery software to recover the files and documents. Some data recovery software is available free of charge.

Things You'll Need

  • Free data recoverey software

Step 1

Download a free data recovery program (see Resources).

Step 2

Use the online prompts to install and set up the data recovery software.

Step 3

Turn on the program. Start the scan process, which locates all deleted files on your computer.

Step 4

Wait as the scan delivers a list of deleted files.

Step 5

Search the files for the Word document you want to recover. Click on this file.

Step 6

Right-click the Word document. Click "Save" on the drop-down menu. Some programs might say "Restore" instead of "Save." The Word document is now back in the Word folder.