How to Refill a Toner Cartridge

By Techwalla Computers Editor

If your printer requires a toner cartridge, then you know how expensive a replacement is. New toner cartridges can cost upwards of a hundred dollars. Depending on the cartridge style, you may be able to save money by reusing your toner cartridges. Here's how to refill your cartridge.

Step 1

Purchase a toner refill kit. Each toner model will have a specific type of compatible refill kit. Find all of the top brands from the Toner Refill Plus website (see Resources). They have compatible toner refills that work with Samsung, Epson, Lexmark, Brother and more.

Step 2

Clean the toner cartridge. You'll have to clean the developer roller prior to replacing the toner in the cartridge. Wipe it down with a cloth until you remove all discarded toner from the previous application.

Step 3

Place the toner into the hopper. Pour the toner into the cartridge and then reseal the hole you made with the refill kit.

Step 4

Reuse the toner cartridge approximately three times. After three times, you'll notice the quality of your printing documents decreases significantly. If you notice problems before then, you should replace the cartridge sooner.

Step 5

Recycle the toner cartridge after you can no longer reuse it. Staples has an ink and toner cartridge recycling program open to customers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reusing toner cartridges can be a messy process. Protect your hands and clothing when refilling a cartridge.
  • Many companies with toner cartridge recycling programs give you a store credit when you drop off your empty cartridges.