How to Refresh Web Pages Automatically

By Ty Arthur

If you have a website that frequently updates its contents over short periods of times, such as for news updates or changing sports scores, you may want your site to automatically refresh itself at set intervals. With a few lines of HTML or Javascript code you can easily add that sort of functionality to your website.

HTML Method

Step 1

Open the text file that you are using to edit the HTML code of your web page or navigate to the file manager of your web host and click on the link to edit your website.

Step 2

Find the opening and closing

tag at the top of the page. Type in the "Meta HTTP-EQUIV" tag anywhere in thearea.

Step 3

Add in the "Content" and "URL" attributes to specify how long to wait before refreshing and what the URL of the website is that needs to be reloaded. For example type in

if you want your website to refresh once every 15 seconds. Save the file to make the change permanent.

Javascript Method

Step 1

Open the HTML file for your website and locate the

tag. Specify that you will be using a Javascript code by typing in