How to Remove a GPS Tracking System

By Palmer Owyoung

Global positioning satellite systems can come in handy if you need to keep track of your teenagers or employees. But what if this technology is used to keep tabs on you and you want to maintain your privacy? If you suspect that someone may have planted a device on you, then you might want to know how to remove a GPS tracking system.

Things You'll Need

  • Transistor Radio
  • Bug Detector

Step 1

Check yourself. There are several methods that you can use to find a GPS tracking system. Begin by doing a visual search of the things that you are carrying in your pockets, purses or backpacks. If you see anything unusual that you don't recognize, check to see if it's a tracking device by taking it apart. Bear in mind that GPS units today are small enough to be fit into the palm of your hand and can be disguised as things such as playing cards, books, or other innocuous items.

Step 2

Do a visual inspection of your vehicle. Check the undercarriage of your car, and on the insides of the front and rear bumpers. Check the interior of the car, under seats, in the glove compartment or on the inside of the dashboard. You should look for a small black device about the size and shape of a deck of cards; some of the smaller ones today are only about the size of a lipstick. It will usually have a few lights on them. If you find it, simply turn it off and remove the batteries.

Step 3

Use a transistor radio to locate it. Turn on the radio and move it around the area that you suspect is bugged. If you begin getting interference like a high pitch squealing, then you might have a transmitting device in that area. Note this isn't full-proof; transmitters can broadcast on a much higher frequency than radios and thus may not be detected.

Step 4

Buy a GPS bug detector. These devices work by monitoring the frequencies used by transmitting devices such as spy cams, bugs and GPS devices. You can buy them from spy gear websites such as,, BrickHouse Security, and you can also find them on As of 2009 they retail for between $300-$500, depending on the model you choose.

Step 5

Sweep the area. Once you've bought the detecting device, turn it on and move it around the area that you think someone may have placed the GPS tracker. The device will find any transmitting device within 5-10 meters and will let you know with a blinking red light, by buzzing, or beeping.

Step 6

Remove the GPS tracking system. After you've located the device, simply remove it from your vehicle and or person and take out the battery so that it can no longer transmit. If the device is between the dashboard of your car, you will need to disconnect as it is probably wired into your electric system.