How to Remove Advertising Banners

By Louise Balle

Advertising banners are sometimes unavoidable when you are browsing the Internet. They can move across your screen, blink and make annoying noises. They are pretty persistent. An animated Internet banner can even cause conflicts with the sites that you visit. However, if you use certain browsers or purchase certain anti-virus and anti-spyware programs you may be able to remove advertising banners from your everyday browsing experience for good.

Step 1

Download the Mozilla Firefox browser at Install the Adblock Plus add-on (see References). Once you have this add-on installed with your Firefox browser you will be able to right click ads that you find online and disable them from being viewed. All similar ads will be blocked based on the ad server's source address.

Step 2

Disable images in your browser. Click "Options" or "Tools" then "Content" (or a similar option, depending on your browser). Then uncheck "Load images" or "Show Pictures" if that option is available. This way, whenever you visit a website that has banner ads you will not see the image of the banner. However, this method will not block Flash ads. Select the "block pop ups" box in your Internet browser preferences as well if that option is available. Not every browser will offer these options.

Step 3

Compile a list of the websites that commonly serve ad banners when you visit websites. Find and edit the "hosts" file on your computer, which is usually located under the "System32\drivers\etc" folder on your C drive. Type in "" then a space, and then the ad server site address, such as "" Do this for each ad server that you want to block and then save the "hosts" file. See Resources below for a list of ad servers that is already compiled for you and to find the exact location of your hosts file. Whenever your computer comes across a site with banners from that server it will be blocked automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • Block cookies of sites that display ad banners as well so that information about your location, browser and other details cannot be collected by the advertiser.