How to Remove Cell Phone Spyware

By Brad Harris

Cellular technology has allowed us to use the internet to download pictures, music, games and more on cell phones. As a result, malicious users have created spyware programs that can piggy-back on those downloads and corrupt a phone's software or steal personal information. The spyware also can monitor conversations, text messages and emails. The infection isn't that complicated to remove in most cases.


Step 1

Delete unfamiliar programs and files. Spyware often disguises itself as a background program or an innocuous file, fooling users into allowing the malicious content to stay loaded onto their device. Look through your menus and remove any programs or files that you do not recognize as software that either came with the phone or that you installed personally. After deletion, watch your phone's performance closely.

Step 2

Master reset your device to correct leftover issues. A master reset will return the software to its original, factory-loaded configuration and allow you to utilize your device again normally. Refer to your user manual for instructions on performing this reset.

Step 3

Entirely wipe your device. If issues are still occurring even after deletion and master reset, completely wipe your device of all information and start fresh. Refer to your user manual for instructions on performing a wipe. Look for "Master Reset" or "Wipe Handheld" in the index.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before you download that new mp3, check the source. Websites that offer free content sometimes stand to gain because their piggy-backed software is sending back information about you that they can use.
  • Back up your information on a memory card before wiping your device. Otherwise, you may lose all of your contacts, pictures, songs, etc. Back it all up, even though it may be a time-consuming process.