How to Remove Screen Burn on a LCD TV

By Brenda Priddy

One annoying problem that can occur with LCD screens is the issue of screen burn. If one image is left on the screen for too long, it can get burned into the screen, making it visible at all times. You can actually eliminate most screen burns with the use of a PC computer and a black and white screen saver. This trick eliminates screen burn after a period of several minutes because the black and white screens flash quickly, removing all traces of color from the screen. This will eventually eliminate any burned images on the LCD screen.

Things You'll Need

  • TV/PC connection cable
  • Computer

Step 1

Open a painting program on your computer. Create a paint image that is pure white. Save the file as "White," in a folder that you create in your "Documents" folded called "Screen burn."

Step 2

Open a new paint image and flood the screen with the black color. Save this image as "Black" in the "Screen burn" folder.

Step 3

Close the paint program. Go to the Windows desktop, and right click anywhere on the screen. Select the "Properties" option and open it.

Step 4

Locate the "Screen saver" tab, and click it to open. Choose the option to use a photo slide show as the screen saver. Choose the folder "Screen burn" to use as the images for the screen saver.

Step 5

Adjust the settings of the screen saver to rotate the images as quickly as possible. Make the pictures appear as large as possible, so that they fill the entire screen. If there is a "Stretch" option for making the images fit the screen, click that option. Click the options to hide the file names and to include screen transitions if possible. Set the screen saver to appear after one minute.

Step 6

Connect the TV to the PC using the video connection cable. This cable is the same one you use to connect the PC to the monitor. Simply remove the cable from your monitor, and connect it to the appropriate slot on the back of your TV. There should be only one video location where the plug will fit.

Step 7

Wait for the screen saver to come on. Allow the screen saver to run for at least 30 minutes. Repeat as necessary to remove screen burns.