How to Remove the Color in a Table Cell in Word

By Contributing Writer

Microsoft Word is word processing software distributed as a part of the Microsoft Office package. Tables in Microsoft Word are a powerful tool to organize and present data. Data are entered in the table elements that are called cell. The shading option allows you to add, change or remove color in a table cell.

Step 1

Open your user account in Windows XP/Vista and launch Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl-O" and browse your computer to open a Microsoft Word document that contains a table.

Step 3

Select a cell in the table using the left mouse button.

Step 4

If you use Microsoft Word 2007: Select the Word menu "Design" and then click "Shading." Finally, click "No Color."If you use Microsoft Word 2003/XP: Right-click on the cell and select "Borders and Shading." Choose the tab "Shading." Click "No Fill" and then "OK."