How to Remove the Filter on the Cable Television Line

By Greyson Ferguson

Cable filters are small metal devices commonly used to descramble the signal from pay-per-view cable stations such as HBO. These filters are illegal, and if your cable company finds a cable filter on your cable box or television, it can press charges against you. If you have a filter, removing it is a simple process.

Step 1

Turn off the television and the cable receiver. Leaving the power on while removing the filter can result in electrical shocks.

Step 2

Unscrew the coaxial cable connecting the cable receiver with the cable running from the wall. The filter is usually connected to the coaxial cable port and the "In" port on the cable receiver.

Step 3

Unscrew the cable filter from the cable receiver. The filter is usually an inch or two long and unscrews just like a coaxial cable.

Step 4

Reattach the coaxial cable running from the wall into the "In" port on the cable receiver. Now that the filter is gone, you will no longer receive the illegal broadcasts of the descrambled stations.