How to Remove Write Protection on an Micro SD Card

By Greyson Ferguson

A micro SD card is a smaller version of the widely used SD card. This portable memory stick is used in a handful of products, including cell phones, digital cameras and computers. However, there is a write protection lock on the micro SD card, preventing data from being written to the card (or current data from being removed). If you are looking to delete or add content to the card you must first remove the write protection.

Things You'll Need

  • Micro SD card

Step 1

Eject the micro SD card from the digital device it is being used in.

Step 2

Remove the micro SD card from the SD card adapter, if one is in use. A micro SD adapter allows the card to be used in the larger SD card slots, without purchasing the larger SD cards.

Step 3

Turn the micro SD card over. On the back side of the card is a small, plastic switch. Push the switch down into the opposite direction. This removes the write protection from the micro SD card.

Step 4

Place the card back into the adapter and/or digital device. It is now possible to save and write information to the micro SD card.