How to Repair a Cracked iPod Touch Screen

By Cleveland Van Cecil

Moving your fingers on an iPod touch screen sends signals through small sensors connected to the device's logic board. If the screen is cracked the signals will not be properly sent, or no image may appear on the screen. A cracked iPod touch screen is not covered under the Apple warranty and in-store repairs may be expensive. You can purchase an iPod touch screen online and do the repair yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Razor blade
  • Black nylon stick
  • Compressed air
  • Safety glasses

Step 1

Run a razor blade along the top of the screen in the gap between the metal casing and the screen itself. Lift up the screen slightly with the razor blade and slide a black nylon stick underneath.

Step 2

Run the razor blade along the edge of the screen around the entire length of the screen and along the bottom. Continue prying up the screen using the black nylon stick.

Step 3

Pull the case up but not off. A small sensor in the upper left-hand corner holds the screen in place. Pull up on the contact holding it in place using your black nylon stick and pull the screen off.

Step 4

Blow out the inside of the iPod touch using a can of compressed air to remove any glass shards. Wear protective glasses.

Step 5

Pull off the protective cover on your screen replacement.

Step 6

Push the contact down so the screen is connected. Press the screen down so that it is firmly in place. Test the screen