How to Repair Earphone Wires

By Mary McNally

Earphone wires take a beating every time you fold and unfold them, jerk on them or pull them out of a earphone jack. You may have a favorite pair of earphones that have been damaged, yet you just cannot bear to throw them away. Fortunately you can fix your earphones with a few tools and about an hour's worth of time.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Pliers
  • Soldering iron

Step 1

Scrap off the insulation on the damaged part of the earphone wire with a knife. Separate the four wires.

Step 2

Trim off the fibers within the wires with scissors. Straighten any crimps in the wires with pliers.

Step 3

Twist the same color wires together clockwise. Smooth the wires flat and bind them with a small piece of electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

Step 4

Hold the heat shrink tubing in place with pliers and heat it up with a soldering iron for a more permanent seal on your earphone wires.

Step 5

Let the heat shrink tubing cool, and then plug in your earphones to test the repair.