How to Replace a Logitech Cordless Mouse Battery

By Kallie Johnson

A Logitech computer mouse is a hand-operated device that controls the movements of a cursor or arrow on a computer screen. The Logitech Cordless Mouse is not plugged into the computer like traditional mice, but rather uses a wireless receiver to register its movement. The mouse is powered by two AA batteries. When the batteries die, they can be easily replaced.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 AA batteries

Step 1

Flip the mouse upside down.

Step 2

Slide the battery cover from the mouse. Depending on the model of Logitech cordless or wireless mouse you own, the battery cover may slide to the right, to the left or downward. The battery cover will only slide in one direction.

Step 3

Remove the 2 AA batteries. Properly dispose of them.

Step 4

Place the new AA batteries into the battery housing unit. Place in the orientation indicated by the +/- indicators in the battery housing unit.

Step 5

Slide the battery cover back into place. Press the "Connect" button located on the bottom of the mouse. Press the "Connect" button located on the top of the wireless receiver. The connect button establishes communication between the two. The mouse is now ready to use.