How to Replace an iPhone 4 Battery

By Keith Patrick

The iPhone 4 provides HD video recording, 3G Internet access and a GPS navigation system. The previous versions of the iPhone made it very difficult for the user to replace the phone battery themselves. The company redesigned the iPhone 4 to make replacing the battery much easier for consumers. Now instead of sending the device back to Apple for a replacement you can replace the battery yourself in a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • 3.6 mm Phillips screwdriver
  • iPhone 4 battery replacement
  • iPhone opening tool

Step 1

Lay the iPhone on a flat surface with the display facing upward. Look for the two screws next to the iPhone's docking slot.

Step 2

Remove both screws from the iPhone. Unscrew each piece carefully to avoid damage to the phone's internal components.

Step 3

Lift up the iPhone with two hands. Flip the device around so that the back faces you. Press both thumbs on the back cover of the device. Slide the back cover away from you with your thumbs. The back cover will slide only a few millimeters. Do NOT try to slide it farther. Lift the back cover from the rest of the iPhone body and set it aside.

Step 4

Set the iPhone on a flat surface. The battery will be the large rectangular object with the "Li-ion" label on it. Arrange the iPhone so that the wording on the battery's label is upright. Remove the small screw in the lower left corner of the battery.

Step 5

Examine the small piece of metal that the previous screw held in place. Wedge the iPhone opening tool into the gap between the phone's body and the metal piece. Pry this metal piece away from the phone until it is loose enough to remove by hand. Pull out the piece and place it off to the side.

Step 6

Lift the iPhone's battery out of the device using the clear plastic tab on its left. Pull very slowly to avoid damaging the iPhone's internal parts. Insert the new iPhone battery into the body. Make sure the battery sits in the same position as the previous one. Return the small metallic piece back to its original position with the screw and your Phillips-head screwdriver. Screw the back cover back onto the device with the two original 3.6 mm screws.

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