How to Replace Dell Laptop Hard Drive

By C.D. Crowder

Sometimes an upgrade is needed to make your laptop like new. Adding a new hard drive is a quick way to add valuable space to your laptop. Whether upgrading or repairing, there may very well come a time when you want to replace the hard drive in your Dell laptop.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer toolkit or electronics screwdriver set
  • Manual for your Dell model

Step 1

Download your Dell laptop manual (see Resources). You need to know your model and number or service tag number. The service tag is found on the bottom of your laptop.

Step 2

Browse to the hard drive section of the manual. Read the "Before You Begin" section.

Step 3

Shut down and unplug your laptop.

Step 4

Turn it over and remove the four screws holding the hard drive in place. Check the diagrams in the manual to see exactly where the hard drive is located.

Step 5

Slide the hard drive out carefully and remove the screws holding the hard drive to the brackets.

Step 6

Replace the old drive with the new one by first screwing the brackets into place.

Step 7

Slide the new hard drive into the empty bay in the laptop and screw back into place.

Step 8

Start your laptop and wait for the drive to be recognized and configured.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set all screws in a cup to prevent them from being lost.
  • Screw the brackets onto the hard drive correctly, or you may insert the drive upside down in your laptop.

References & Resources