How to Reset a 2Wire Modem

By Tara Kimball

Your 2Wire modem management panel allows you to reset every aspect of the modem and network connections from your web browser. With a few clicks from your management panel, you can control your Internet settings and hardware settings. If you need to reset your modem to the factory default configuration, you will find that option in this panel as well. Resetting the modem may result in a loss of configuration settings. You can also release your IP address and get a new one right from the panel.

Step 1

Log in to your 2Wire modem’s administration panel. You can access your 2Wire modem from your network by navigating to In the left-hand side menu, locate the “Troubleshooting” heading and click “Resets” to enter the reset management screen.

Step 2

Click “Clear” beside the “Local Network” option if you want to disconnect all of the network devices, including computers, from your modem. Your network devices will reconnect as each one is rediscovered by the modem.

Step 3

Click “Reset” for the “DSL Connection” option if you want to retrain your DSL connection to the modem.

Step 4

Click “Reset” for the “ISP Connection” setting if you want to release and renew your IP address provided by your Internet service provider.

Step 5

Click “Reset” on the “Broadband Link” option if you want to reset your outbound internet connection. If you are on DSL, this will reset your DSL connection.

Step 6

Click “Reset” for the “Gateway” field if you want to restart your 2Wire modem. This will power-cycle the modem, and your Internet connection will be briefly lost until it powers up completely.

Step 7

Click “Reset” beside the “Factory” option if you want to reset your 2Wire modem to the factory default settings. This will erase all of your configurations and require reinstallation of the 2Wire software.