How to Reset a Nook

By Abby Vaun

If your Nook is unresponsive or occasionally freezing, you may consider resetting your device. You can perform a soft reset that essentially remedies minor technical issues. You can perform a hard reset and return your Nook to factory condition. With a hard reset, everything saved on your Nook will be deleted. When you re-register your Nook with your Barnes and Noble account, you can sync the device with your previously stored data.

Soft Reset

Step 1

Press the Power button on your Nook and hold it for about 20 seconds, then release it. Wait for the device to power down.

Step 2

Press the Power button again for about two seconds to turn on your Nook.

Step 3

Confirm that any minor errors have been solved. If not, either perform the soft reset again, or perform a hard reset.

Factory Default

Step 1

Push the Power button for about two seconds to power on the device.

Step 2

Tap the white navigational arrow on the screen, then press the "Settings" icon on the navigation bar.

Step 3

Tap "Device Info" from the Settings menu.

Step 4

Tap "Erase & Deregister Device" on the Device Info screen.

Step 5

Press the "Erase & Deregister Device" button. A pop-up window appears asking you to confirm that you want to reset your device.

Step 6

Tap "Reset Nook" in the pop-up window. The device will first de-register itself, then erase all of the data stored on your Nook. The Nook will then reboot itself.