How to Reset a Toshiba Satellite A135

By Robert Ceville

The Toshiba Satellite A135 comes with a very handy feature that can reset your computer's factory settings. Restoring factory settings is helpful when Windows become corrupt due to errors and general inefficiency. Although Toshiba Satellites can use the recovery disks to access this feature, you do not even need them. You can enter the proper key command at startup to be taken to the Toshiba Recovery Wizard, where you can reset your machine back to its original state.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows

Step 1

Hold down the "0" key while powering on your computer. You will be taken to the Toshiba Recovery Wizard.

Step 2

Select "Erase Hard Disk" from the list of choices on that screen, then click "Next."

Step 3

Select "Recovery of Factory Default Software" from the Toshiba Recovery Wizard menu.

Step 4

Choose "Recover To Out-Of-Box State," then click "Next." You will see a reminder that once this operation has been carried out, you will lose any information that you have saved. Once completed, you will also receive a message stating that it was done successfully.

Step 5

Allow Windows to walk you through the rest of the operating system installation process after your computer has finished rebooting itself.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to save anything that you do not want lost in the process before proceeding with Factory Restore.