How to Reset an Expired HP Print Cartridge

By Joanne Cichetti

When your HP printer’s cartridge expires, you can use it again after refilling it. That way, you can save money. You can continue using the old cartridge until the printing quality starts deteriorating. However, once you refill it, the cartridge will only work after the cartridge chip is reset. There are contacts on the HP cartridge’s back that are programmed to detect the ink level, but they are unable to reset on their own when you refill the cartridge. So here's how to reset the expired HP print cartridge manually.

Things You'll Need

  • Adhesive tape
  • 2 old cartridges

Step 1

Insert the refilled HP cartridge into the printer. Print an alignment page. The printer will not recognize the refilled ink level of the cartridge and will show the ink level as it was before the refill.

Step 2

Take the refilled cartridge out of the printer. Insert one of the old cartridges. Print another alignment page using this cartridge. The printer will recognize it as another cartridge.

Step 3

Take the old cartridge out of the printer and insert the other old cartridge. Print another alignment page. The printer will then recognize this cartridge and will not retain the memory of the first (refilled) cartridge that you used.

Step 4

Locate the contacts on the top-left corner of the refilled HP cartridge. Apply an adhesive tape on these contacts. Now put the cartridge back and print an alignment page. Take the cartridge out again and remove the adhesive tape that you put on the left corner. Now, tape over the top-right contacts, just like you did before, and print another alignment page.

Step 5

Take off all pieces of the tape and put the cartridge back inside the printer without any tape. The cartridge will then be recognized by your printer as full.