How to Reset Epson Ink

By Steve Smith

Epson makes a large line of printers; however, the ink cartridges are very expensive. This leads many consumers to purchase ink refill kits, which provide several refills of the same cartridge for about the same cost as a new replacement cartridge. Once you refill the cartridges, the computer still reads them as empty and warning messages appear every time your try to print. A simple device will reset the cartridge and make these messages go away for good.

Things You'll Need

  • Universal chip resetter

Step 1

Hold the universal ink cartridge chip reset device in one hand. These devices are sold online at ink supply stores and in smaller electronics and computer retail stores.

Step 2

Locate the small metal tabs on the ink cartridge chip. These are silver or copper in color and about the size of a dull pencil point. There are seven of these tabs on the Epson model cartridges.

Step 3

Line up the metal tabs with the pins on the universal chip resetter. Press the tabs to the pins and hold them together for about five seconds. The red light on top of the universal chip resetter will blink when the tabs and pins connect. Wait until the green light on the universal chip resetter starts to blink. This indicates that the chip on the cartridge is now reset.

Step 4

Install the cartridge back in the printer by opening up the printer's access area and pressing the cartridge into the proper slot in the printer cartridge carrier. Close the panel and print as you normally would with the new cartridge.

Tips & Warnings

  • If a low-ink warning appears on your screen, repeat the steps until the cartridge is properly reset and no warning message appears.