How to Reset the Parental Passcode on My iTouch

By Alex Zang

The iPod Touch allows parents to restrict access to certain websites, browsers and applications. To bypass these parental restrictions, the user of the iPod Touch must enter a password. The user can change this password at any time, provided he has the existing password. However, if the user forgets the password, he'll have to restore his iPod Touch to its factory settings before he is able to reset the parental password.

Changing the Password

Step 1

Tap "Settings" on the iPod Touch home screen.

Step 2

Tap "General."

Step 3

Tap "Restrictions." You are prompted to enter your existing password. After you type it in, you can change the password to something else.

Resetting the iPod Touch

Step 1

Connect the iPod Touch to your computer using its supplied USB cable. ITunes automatically launches.

Step 2

Click on your iPod Touch under the "Devices" category in iTunes.

Step 3

Click the "Summary" tab in the main iTunes window.

Step 4

Click "Restore."

Step 5

Click "Back Up," and then click "Restore." Your iPod Touch is restored to its original factory settings, effectively removing any passwords.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you reset your iPod Touch, all your music, movies and other data is erased from the device. However, it remains in iTunes if you backed it up before the restore.