How to Reset the Password on a Dell Latitude

By J.S. Copper

The Windows account password is needed to log in to a particular user's account, as well as authorize certain actions. If you have forgotten your password, you may find yourself unable to access your programs and files. The Windows Administrator account is like the head of the household when it comes to Windows users on a single machine. The Administrator has the ability to easily reset the password on your Dell Latitude.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Administrator account

Step 1

Restart the Dell by selecting "Restart" from the Windows "Start" menu or by holding down the power button.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" twice, simultaneously to log in as the Windows Administrator. If you do not have access to the Administrator account, have the owner help you.

Step 3

Select "Run" from the "Windows Start" menu. Type "control userpasswords2" and click "OK."

Step 4

Select "Users." Select the desired user account. Click "Reset Password."

Step 5

Enter the new password in the New Password text field. Enter the new password again in the Confirm Password text field. Click "OK" to save the change. Restart the computer to log in with the reset password.