How to Reset Windows Passwords

By Andrea Hamilton

You should reset the passwords on your computer often in order to keep your content safe. Resetting a password on a Windows machine can be tricky the first time, especially if you have recently switched to a different version of the operating system. However, whether you use Windows XP, 7, or Vista, it is a quick process once you know the steps to take.

Change Your Password in Windows XP

Step 1

Click "Start."

Step 2

Scroll over "Control Panel" and choose "User Accounts" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Select an account from the list.

Step 4

Click on "Change Password." This will bring you to a new menu.

Step 5

Enter your current password once and your desired password twice, ensuring that each password goes into its respective box. Click "OK." Your password will reset immediately.

Change Your Password in Windows 7 or Vista

Step 1

Press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Del" simultaneously.

Step 2

Click on "Change Password."

Step 3

The prompt that follows will provide a blank for your current password and two blanks for your desired password. Fill them in and click on the arrow or hit "Enter" on your keyboard. Your password will reset immediately.