How to Resize Multiple Pictures at Once

By Anne Mullenniex

With all the opportunities available for sharing digital photographs online it becomes necessary to learn some photo editing "tricks of the trade." High-resolution digital cameras produce beautiful pictures, but the resolution is often too high for quick downloading. A commercial site, especially, cannot afford to have "memory-hog" photos on its site, as a customer may not have the graphical capability to fully open the pages. Large memory files at best will cause computer lag time. Resizing your photos is the solution, but if you have multiple photos you will want to "batch resize" them.

Things You'll Need

  • Free Picture Resize Starter

Step 1

Download Free Picture Resize Starter (see Resources). This is freeware with excellent CNET editors' ratings. Download the software by saving it to file.

Step 2

Install the software by right-clicking it and selecting "Run." Accept the license agreement and click "Next" through the following three windows until the "Ready to Install" window opens. Click "Install."

Step 3

Finish the install, selecting the box to open the program upon installation, and select "Yes" to check for updates to the program.

Step 4

Look for the icon at the top center of the toolbar that says "Batch Optimize" and click it. When this folder opens, you can choose to copy photos to a folder on your computer or burn to CD/DVD.

Step 5

Continue to the next window and choose the folder with the pictures that you need to resize. Then create or choose the folder you wish to save the resized images to--this is important. This must be a new folder.

Step 6

Change the image names and create a new subfolder for them if you want and select "Next."

Step 7

Optimize and fine-tune your photographs with the tools available in the new window that opens. You can choose to have your changes apply to all images or to individual images. Click "Next."

Step 8

Choose the image type of your resized photographs (*.jpg, *.png, *.bmp etc.) and the quality that you want. In this window you can see the sizes the software chooses for your photos based upon the quality selection or you can choose the option to custom-size your photos instead. Click "Next."

Step 9

Decide if you want to proceed or go back to change any of your choices. Finish and close the "Wizard" or select a button to view your folder of newly resized photos.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't save your new photos under the same folder and names of the original images. Although you may need to resize your photos for computer applications, you may still want to keep the original size and resolution of your images for other purposes.