How to Resolve a Javascript Void Error

By Tyran DeWalt

Javascript void errors appear in your Internet browser when Javascript fails to load in your browser. These errors arise within your Web browser from a number of issues, ranging from pop-up blockers, improper browser settings to outdated browsers. To restore the Javascript errors occurring within your browser, you need to do a little troubleshooting. Once you determine what is at the root of the Javascript errors, return to using your browser like normal.

Step 1

Exit Internet Explorer. Launch it again, and attempt to visit the website with the Javascript errors. If the problem persists, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Click "Tools" and click "Internet Options." Open the "Privacy" tab. Uncheck the "Block pop-ups" box and click "OK."

Step 3

Launch Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" on the menu bar and click "Internet Options." Open the "Security" tab and select "Internet." Click "Custom Level." Scroll down to "Active scripting" and select "Enable" or "Prompt." Click "OK" and then "Yes" when the window appears asking you if you are sure. Click "OK" again.

Step 4

Click "Tools" and click "Windows Update." Check to see if any updates are available for Internet Explorer. Place a check next to the update and click "OK." Click "Install updates." Restart your computer once the updates completes.