How to Respond to a Craigslist Post

By Raleigh Hansman

Craigslist has something for everyone...but how do you access the posts you are most interested in? Whether it be a job, a pet or a new couch, your ability to respond to a Craigslist posting can make or break whether or not the item or opportunity will become yours. Follow the below steps and you will be expertly navigating Craigslist in no time.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Access
  • Active Email Account

How to Respond to a Craigslist Post

Step 1

Open your Internet browser. Type Click your desired city or area.

Step 2

Click on your desired field. For example, "manufacturing, writing/editing, beauty, collectibles, free". Scroll through the postings.

Step 3

Click on a post that interests you. Read the extended information that appears on your screen about the offer, opportunity or product.

Step 4

If you would like to put in application, ask for more information or offer to buy the service/product offered, highlight the blue underlined email address at the top of the posting. Go to the top of the browser window, click "Edit." Click "Copy."

Step 5

In a separate window, open your email server. Select "Compose New Mail." When the new mail document opens, click in the "To" field.

Step 6

Go the top of the browser. Click Edit > Paste. The email address from the Craigslist post will now be in your "To" field.

Step 7

In the subject line of your email, type something that refers to the product/service being offered. In the body of the email, include whatever information is necessary (questions, information about yourself, etc.) Include attachments if necessary. Click "Send."

Step 8

If you use an email service, such as Microsoft Outlook, you are also able to click directly on the blue, underlined email address in the Craigslist post and a new email will open up with the "To" field and "Subject Line" already completed.

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