How to Restore a Toshiba Without a Disk

By Cee Jay

Gone are the days when Toshiba shipped recovery disks with every PC. It's more cost effective to simply create a partition on the hard drive that stores this information. This way, the owner need only press a few keys and wait while everything is restored. Not only is this cheaper for the manufacturer but it's also convenient for those who have a tendency to lose CDs. The procedure will vary depending on the model, but the result is the same: a restored Toshiba without using a disk.

Step 1

Turn the Toshiba off and hold the zero key down while it's starting. The TOSHIBA HDDRecovery Utility should begin. If it does not, try again, this time while pressing F10 or F12.

Step 2

Choose the option "Restore Original Factory Image" by using the arrow keys to scroll. Press "Enter" to confirm.

Step 3

Select "Yes" on the confirmation message that warns you about the loss of data. Once complete, a message will display confirming the restoration is finished.

Step 4

Press any key to restart the computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • These instructions outline the method used for Toshiba Satellites and a few other models. Read the user's guide for your Toshiba to determine the keys used for your model.
  • Restoring your Toshiba will wipe out everything on the computer and restore it to factory defaults. Do not attempt this unless you're sure that important data is backed up.