How to Restore My Active Desktop

By Tim Mammadov

My Active Desktop is a feature of Windows operating systems that allows users to make the desktop act like a web page when every item is highlighted like a web link and requires only one click to open. However, there have been reports of the \"Restore My Active Desktop\" error that is generated after installation of certain software, such as Internet Explorer, for example. Clicking on the \"Restore\" button doesn't produce any results, and the system might generate even more error messages, causing the computer to freeze or shut down automatically. However, there is a permanent solution for removing the error message and making everything go back to normal.

Step 1

Go to the \"Start\" menu and click on \"Run.\"

Step 2

Type \"regedit\" in the search line, and click on \"OK\" to bring up the Windows Registry Editor utility.

Step 3

Navigate to and then click on the following registry entry:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Desktop\\Components

Step 4

Right-click on \"DeskHtmlVersion\" in the right pane of the Registry Editor's window, and select \"Modify.\"

Step 5

Type \"0\" (zero) in the Value data box, and then click on \"OK.\"

Step 6

Close the Registry Editor, and restart your computer.

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