How to Right Click on an iMac Mouse

By Julius Vandersteen

The Apple iMac incorporates a central processing unit, hard drive, optical drive, speakers, microphone, camera and flat-panel LED screen into a single unit. The iMac comes with a wireless, battery-powered multi-touch mouse, which Apple calls the "Magic Mouse." This mouse has a single smooth surface; drag your finger across it to scroll through windows, click, double-click and right-click.

Step 1

Click the Apple logo in the menu at the top of the iMac screen on your iMac, then click "System Preferences." Click on "Mouse" in the "Hardware" section.

Step 2

Click on the "Secondary Click" checkbox to check it. Click on the pull-down menu, then click "Right" to enable right-clicking. Click the red circle at the top of the window to close the System Preferences window.

Step 3

Move the Magic Mouse so the cursor is over the desktop, then press the right-hand side of the mouse to right-click. The iMac opens a menu of options, which you can highlight by dragging the mouse up or down.