How to Save a Cell Phone That Got Wet

By Techwalla Contributor

Unfortunately, water damage isn't covered by most cell phone warranties and even insurance generally has a deductible to pay before you get a replacement phone. Whether it fell in the toilet, was accidentally dropped in a drink or a pool, saving a wet cell phone involves a time and some common household items. Never turn a wet cell phone on, no matter how tempted you are to see if it still works. Attempting to test a wet cell phone will damage it further and may make it impossible to fix.

Things You'll Need

  • Uncooked rice
  • Open container or bag

Step 1

Remove the battery and any other accessories such as SIM cards from the phone. Consult your phone's manual for specific instructions if necessary.

Step 2

Dry off the phone and accessories with paper towel. A can of compressed air also works well.

Step 3

Place uncooked rice in an open container. Submerge the phone and accessories in the rice. Leave it there for at least 12 hours so the rice can absorb any remaining moisture.