How to Save a Microsoft Word Document So Formatting Changes & Markup Does Not Show When Reopened

By Linda Zukauskas

The Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word 2007 allows other people to add or delete text and alter formatting in your document, while clearly indicating how these changes alter your original work.To save a document so these changes are no longer visible when you access the document in the future, you need to accept or reject the changes.

Step 1

Select the "Review" ribbon.

Step 2

Click the "Accept" button to approve the first change that appears in the document. If you do not agree with this edit, you can instead click the "Reject" button.

Step 3

Repeat the above step for every edit in the document or, if you want to approve or reject all edits at once, click the drop down arrow to "Accept All Changes in Document" or "Reject All Changes in Document."

Step 4

Click the Microsoft Office button and select "Save." If you want to retain a copy of the document with tracked changes, use the Save As feature to save a new copy of the document. This will leave the original, with markup.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can preview the document as it would look without markup. Click "Final Showing Markup."
  • To turn off selected markup, click the "Show Markup" button and deselect the changes you do not want to see. For example, select "Insertions and Deletions" to remove any changes that add or delete text.
  • To print the document without markup, select "Document" instead of "Document showing markup" when you click "Print."
  • Using the markup options only change the appearance of the document on your screen while it is open. These options reset when you close the document so the markup will reappear when you reopen the document.

References & Resources