How to Save YouTube Videos As MP3

By Kefa Olang

YouTube has a huge catalog of videos uploaded by media production companies and amateurs alike. Many users want to convert YouTube videos into MP3 audio and upload them to an MP3 player to listen to on the go, or to upload sound clips as an accompaniment to photo slide shows. MP3 is common audio format supported by most portable media players and computer programs. Without downloading a media conversion program, convert your favorite YouTube video to MP3 audio.

Step 1

Go to (see Resources) and type the name of the video that you want to convert to MP3 format. Click "Search." When you locate your video, click it to begin playback. Right-click the YouTube video URL address located in the URL address bar on the top, and then click "Copy."

Step 2

Go a YouTube video downloader website such as, or Right-click the URL address box on the website you are using and click "Paste" to paste the YouTube video URL address.

Step 3

Click "Download," or "Convert," depending on the website that you are using. The YouTube video downloader website rips and converts the YouTube video to MP3 audio. When the conversion process completes, click "Download," and click "Save," to launch the file-saving dialog box. Select the folder to save the MP3 file to, type a name for the file and click "Save."

Tips & Warnings

  • Downloading and converting copyrighted YouTube videos to MP3 audio is illegal, especially if you plan to use the audio clips for commercial use. Downloading non-copyrighted material uploaded by regular everyday users other than networks, and production companies may not be illegal; however, keep in mind that you always risk the possibility of prosecution, so read the fine print or notes supplied by the producer of the YouTube video before downloading it.

References & Resources