How to Scan From an HP to a PC

By Jessica Reed

A Hewlett-Packard scanner allows you to transfer documents or pictures quickly to your PC without losing the bright colors and fine quality of the original documents. Whether you own an HP scanner or an all-in-one printer that prints, scans and makes copies, you can transfer your documents onto your PC to email or edit with photo editing software. The process takes only a few minutes and requires no additional supplies.

Things You'll Need

  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Installation CD

Step 1

Plug the scanner into the wall using the power cord and hook the USB cable from the scanner to your computer. It should plug into the USB port located on the front of your computer or side of your laptop. If you've never used the scanner before, insert the installation CD into your computer and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your scanner.

Step 2

Press the "Power" button to turn on your HP scanner. Wait for the light to turn green and stop flashing.

Step 3

Lift the lid of the scanner and place the page you want to scan face down. Line up the upper right-hand corner of your page with the corresponding corner of the scanner. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the paper and carefully close the lid.

Step 4

Press the "Scan" button and wait for the scanner to finish. The document should open on your computer. If it does not, click the "Start" button and choose "My Computer." Choose the scanner or all-in-one printer from the list and choose to scan the document. The document should appear on-screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't forget to remove your document after you've finished scanning.
  • Do not open the scanner while it is scanning.

References & Resources