How to Sell Used Books on Amazon

By Rebecca Mecomber

When selling used books, Amazon requires that you locate your book title in their online store. In most cases, your used book is already listed in their vast inventory. Searching for the existing title reduces the glut of individual pages for each item and improves the chances that a buyer searching for a book title will spot yours in the list of available books. However, if the book is not already listed, Amazon does not allow individual sellers to create a new listing from scratch.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

Step 1

Browse to the Amazon Seller website (see link in Resources).

Step 2

Type the title or keyword of your book in the search form. For more accurate listing results, enter the ISBN, UPC or ASIN number of your book. You can usually find this number on the back of the book beneath the barcode or on the copyright page inside the book cover. Very old books do not have these numbers, so in that case, search by your book's exact title.

Step 3

Click the "Start selling" button. Search for your exact book in the results that display. Click the item's detail page to inspect the publishing company, publishing year and print edition details to ensure your used book matches the item description. If it does, click "Sell on Amazon."

Step 4

Submit the book's condition in the questionnaire. Amazon offers suggestions to help you determine the book's condition and other details. Be as accurate as possible because buyers of your books may leave feedback on your seller's account about how accurate your descriptions are.

Step 5

Select your quantity and shipping method options, including whether you will offer expedited shipping on your book. Expedited shipping is a convenience to buyers who need your book in a hurry. Click "Continue."

Step 6

Create an Amazon Seller account if you have not done so already. Amazon gives you the option to use your existing buyer account name and information or to create a completely new and separate seller account. Add your details and click "Continue."

Step 7

Enter your payment options by which Amazon will pay you for your sales.

Step 8

Review your listing in the preview page and submit the page to Amazon's inventory. When your book has sold, Amazon sends you an email with the shipping information.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a large inventory of used books or are a bookseller, you may sign up with Amazon's Professional Seller program for a monthly fee. To become an Amazon Professional Seller, browse to the Resource link to view the terms and how to apply for the account.
  • Perform a little research before you list your book for sale. Check the current prices that other sellers are asking for the same book. Compare the condition of their books and yours as well as shipping costs. Give your book a fair price based on these values. Some buyers will always buy the least expensive book, but other buyers may pay a few extra dollars if the book is rare or in excellent condition. Weigh all these factors to get the most for your used books.