How to Sell Used Tires & Wheels

By Anthony Smith

Many car owners decide to replace or upgrade the tires and wheels on their vehicle well before they have worn out. Then comes the question of what to do with the used ones. Try one of these methods for selling used tires and wheels, and use the money to put a dent in the cost of your new set.

Step 1

Place an ad in the classifieds of the Sunday paper in your area under the "Tires and Wheels" heading. Newspaper readers have come to expect the most ads and thus the best selection of items on Sunday, so you will get plenty of exposure.

Step 2

List your tires and wheels on craigslist. Listing items there is free and easy, and the site's popularity ensures that your ad will get ample exposure. Follow all the site's recommendations for a safe transaction. (See warnings and references below.)

Step 3

Auction your used tires and wheels on eBay. By far the world's most popular online auction site, eBay markets your listings before a worldwide audience. The site offers simple instructions on setting up an account.

Step 4

Ask the company from which you bought your new tires and wheels if they would consider buying your old ones to resell. Keep in mind that the company will need to sell at a profit, so you may not get as high a price as you would elsewhere. Still, it could be a fair trade-off for avoiding the hassle of listing them and entertaining potential buyers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not accept money orders as payment. Money orders are fast becoming one of the world's most forged documents due to the availability of high-grade color printers.