How to Send a Free Cell Phone Birthday Message

By Tamiya King

Text, picture and video messages are a very popular way to communicate in the early 21st century. Use these methods to wish a friend or loved one a happy birthday; it's fairly simple to send these messages, regardless of the type of phone you have.

Step 1

Go to the "menu" section of your phone and select the "messages" option. Depending on the type of phone you have, you may have to select whether you want to send a voicemail message or a text message. If you want to send a voicemail message, select the "voicemail" option, wait for the prompt and then speak into your phone's microphone to relay your birthday wishes. After you've created your message, press the number you're prompted to press through the voice recording so that your message will be properly sent to the intended party.

Step 2

To send a text message, select the "text message" option on your phone. This should lead you to a blank screen--use the keypad on your phone to type the birthday message you want to send. Press the "send" button on your phone so the text message goes to the intended person.

Step 3

To send a picture message, select the "camera" option on your phone and take the picture that you want to send for the birthday boy or girl. Press the main button on your phone or the one that is located under the words "take picture." Once you take the picture, press the button that will provide you with options on how to send the picture.