How to Send a Song to a Cell Phone in a Message

By Nicole Byerly

Cell phones give users a variety of opportunities from talking on the phone in any location, to browsing the Internet, to sending a quick text message to a friend as a reminder to bring chips to the party. Sending a song to a cell phone is another task that can be completed with any cell phone that has the ability to play song files.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Song file

Step 1

Click the "Menu" button to display the list of folders on your phone. Open the "Multimedia" folder. This folder contains photographs, song files, videos, etc.

Step 2

Click the folder containing song files. This folder is generally displayed as an icon of a music note. Click on this icon with your phone's select button. Scroll through the folder until you locate the song file you are interested in sending.

Step 3

Click on the sound file you want to send. A list of options will pop up; select "Send file as..." which will bring up another menu. Select "MMS."

Step 4

Type the recipient's phone number in the "To" box. If you have the contact saved to your phone, type the name of the individual to whom you want to send the song.

Step 5

Click the "Send" button. The send time may vary depending on the current signal.