How to Send Anonymous Text Messages From Any Cell Number

By Carmen S. Jones

Sometimes, you might need to send a text message from your cell phone to someone that you would prefer not to have your phone number. You can still send them a text message from cell number by using an online anonymous website that does not require you to disclose your cell phone number. The message will be sent to the person from an anonymous phone number.

Things You'll Need

  • Recipient's wireless provider information
  • Internet access

Step 1

Open the Internet provider on your computer or cell phone if you have the Internet application available.

Step 2

Access a website that allows you to send a text message.,, and are examples of websites where you can send text messages from any number. (See Resources)

Step 3

Read the website's Terms of Service before sending your message.

Step 4

Enter the information correctly into the provided form including the recipient's cell number, the recipient's cell phone carrier and the message. Include your name if you wish the person to know it is from you.

Step 5

Click "Send Message." Another page will appear with a confirmation that your message was sent.