How to Send Mail From Microsoft Excel 2007

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Sending an email from Microsoft Excel is a great way to save time when you are transmitting a spreadsheet to email recipients. The email is sent using Microsoft Outlook. The email option can be found when you click the Office button and use the Send options. This is a great time saver because the spreadsheet is attached and you don't have to take the time to open Outlook, open a new email and search for the attachment.

Step 1

Open Excel 2007 and select a workbook. Click the "Office" button and click "Open." Browse your computer and locate the workbook. Click the workbook and select "Open." The workbook opens.

Step 2

Click the "Office" button and select "Send." Click "Email." An Outlook email opens with the spreadsheet included as an attachment. Type the name of the email recipient in the "To" field. The subject of the email becomes the name of your workbook. If necessary, change this to reflect the subject you want for the email. Add additional notes about the email in the "Notes" field.

Step 3

Transmit the email by clicking "Send." The email will be sent using Microsoft Outlook. The email is stored in the Outlook "Outbox" until you open Outlook. When you open Outlook, the email is sent to your recipients.