How to Send Mass Text Messages for Free

By Palmer Owyoung

From time to time you may need to send out a mass text to friends or family members. It could be an invitation to a party, or it might simply be notifying your colleagues of a meeting time and place. Whatever the case, sending a text message is a convenient way to communicate with a group of people quickly and efficiently. If you know which sites to use you can do it for free.

Step 1

Find a bulk messaging website that will allow you to send texts for free. Two that you can use are Text4Free and SendSMSNow.

Step 2

Use Text4Free. This website does not require you to register. Enter the phone number and country code of the person you are sending your message to, and select the country. Click on "Add Another Recipient" and type in another phone number and select the country code. Repeat this process until you have added your entire group. Then create the text message, enter the verification code, and click "Send Messages".

Step 3

Register with SendSMSNow by providing your full name, user name, password and valid email address. Once you have done this you can click on "Phone Book And Groups" on the left hand side of the screen. Compose the message of up to 130 characters. Enter the phone numbers of the people you are sending the text message to along with the country code and click the "Send SMS" button.