How to Send Picture Texts on Your IPhone

Texting a thousand words wears out your thumbs. Luckily, iPhone users can send a picture message instead. The Camera icon in the Conversation Composition field allows you to quickly send a selfie, a forward-facing shot or a photo from your library.

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A woman is texting on her cellphone.
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Attach and Send Picture Messages in IOS 8

Tap the Camera icon to launch the Options menu. Choose "Take Photo or Video" to shoot a new picture to send, or tap "Photo Library" to attach existing photos. Happily, iOS 8 finally allows you to select multiple photos rather than go through the attach process for each individual picture. Also new with iOS 8, the Options menu includes a scrollable row of your most recent photos from which to select and send.

Send a Photo with the IMessage Radial Control

When you take a new photo in iMessage, you can now send it with a few clicks. Press and hold the Camera icon to launch the Camera app, then swipe upward to snap and send a picture with one movement. Be careful, because the default camera setting with this action is the rear-facing FaceTime camera. You may intend to share a snapshot of your new shoes and instead, with no way of retrieving it, you send a picture of your nostrils. To avoid this, tap the Camera Flip button instead of swiping up, then press the shutter button to take and send your picture.