How to Send Text Messages at Certain Times

By Donny Quinn

You forgot the school play, you want to remember your hair appointment or you want a way out of a date -- whatever your reason, text message reminders can provide a wonderful organizing tool. Although some companies just try to get your phone number for sales use, others try to provide a service for you. With phones comprising such a large part of people's lives, text reminder websites do create a huge service.

Step 1

Go to one of several text message reminder websites, such as Oh Don't Forget... or Text Reminders.

Step 2

Enter the number to receive the text message.On Text Reminders, you can't complete this step until you enter the time, message and occurrence.

Step 3

Enter the time and date that you want the reminder. On Text Reminders, you enter the time on the left side of the screen, under the part that says "Today." To change the date, select the Rolodex icon next to the word "Today."For Oh Don't Forget..., enter the time and date in the middle blank section. Make sure to enter the date in one of three formats: numerical (i.e, "11/11/2010"), by distance from current day ("today" or "tomorrow") or day of the week ("Fri"). Enter the time using standard notation, with or without the minutes ("8:00 pm" or "8 pm" do the same thing).

Step 4

Enter the text that you want for your message.

Step 5

Enter your email address and phone number. For Text Reminders, you need to provide the service provider as well. The messaging system sends a message to your phone and an email. For Oh Don't Forget..., you do not need to enter an email address.

Step 6

Send your message.For Text Reminders, you must use the code sent to your phone in the link provided by the email. For Oh Don't forget..., click the button "Create."

Tips & Warnings

  • On Oh Don't Forget..., you can create an account to create a whole series of future reminders.
  • Some text message reminder services put your phone number in a database that can later be sold or used for telemarketing and telesales.

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