How to Set a Panasonic Remote Code

By J. Anthony Cooley

A Panasonic remote control isn't worth much if you cannot program it. If you don't know what to do, the task will seem impossible, but once you know the buttons to push and the order to push them in, the programing process only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Hold down the buttons on the remote labeled "Action" and "Power" at the same time for five seconds. If your Panasonic remote is a lighted remote, the component buttons will all light up.

Step 2

Press the button of the component, such as the TV or DVD player, on the remote control that you are programing. Under the resources section you will find a link to the TV Codes website. Go to the TV Codes website to find the code list for the component you are programing.

Step 3

Use the remote's number buttons to input the code for your component. Stand within reasonable range with no obstacles blocking the path between the remote and the component, point the remote at the component, then press the "Power" button. If the component turns on, this means the remote is programed. If the component stays off, repeat the steps using the next code on the code list.