How to Set MS Outlook as the Default Mail Client

By Amy Yang

Microsoft Outlook, as of 2010, is available only for Windows PCs. When you set MS Outlook as your default mail client, MS Outlook will be the program that opens up when you click on an email link on a Web page. If you haven't set a default mail client and click on an email link, either nothing will happen or a different email program may open instead of the one you want.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button and choose Control Panel.

Step 2

Click "Internet Options" to open the Internet Properties window.

Step 3

Click the Programs tab. Under the section called "Internet programs," click "Set programs."

Step 4

Click "Set your default programs" in the resulting window.

Step 5

Locate and click on Microsoft Outlook in the list of programs on the left-hand side. Click "Set this program as default" towards the bottom of the window.