How to Set Up a Drop Box

By Kevin Lee

Virtual drop boxes, like their real-world counterparts, simplify the task of sharing items and information. When you have large data items, such as videos or program files, sharing them with others can be difficult. You could send files via email, but many email clients have file size limitations. One solution is to use an online drop box. Several sites offer them. When you need to drop an item into a location that you or someone else can access, drop it in an online drop box.

Step 1

Visit Dropbox. This site provides a full-featured desktop application that allows you to synchronize your computer files with the Web. When you need to share a file with a friend, drop it into the drop box folder on your desktop. The software will upload it and make it available on the Internet. With more than two gigabytes of free online storage, you have plenty of room to store many items. This drop box is ideal for sharing large multimedia files such as movies and CDs. An automatic "sync" feature keeps the online files current should you update your computer files. Security features give you complete control over who sees your files and accesses them online.

Step 2

Navigate to the Fileswap website, where their motto is "File Sharing Made Simple." Fileswap is a simple site that accepts an upload from your computer and stores it on the Web. This is ideal when you do not need the extra functionality that sites such as Dropbox provide. Simply click the "Upload" button to upload a file. The site stores it and gives you a link to the file that you can share with others. When they click that link, they can download your file. The site also generates an HTML block containing a link to your file. Paste that HTML into one of your Web pages and site visitors can download the file from your Web page. This technique allows you to incorporate downloads on your site without storing the files on your server.

Step 3

Visit Attachmore's website. This is another service that offers a quick upload option. It also provides additional features for those needng advanced drop box features. To use the upload option, choose up to five files from your hard drive and click the "Next" button. The site stores the files and gives you download links you can share. If you install the "Attachmore Right-Click" software, you can right-click any file on your desktop and upload it to without ever opening a browser. After the file uploads, the software gives you the download link.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many sites offer premium memberships for users who need more storage than the sites provide for free. Consider upgrading to a premium membership if need to use your drop box to store large amounts of data.