How to Set Up a Garmin GPS

By Andrew Todd

Garmin GPS, or global positioning systems device, uses satellites to provide real time location information, as well as driving directions and maps. Garmin GPS devices also allow users to search for nearby destinations, such as gas stations and restaurants, then provides driving directions to the locations. For safety and convenience, Garmin includes a suction-cup mounting system, allowing you to mount your Garmin device to your windshield or dashboard. The mounting system is easily removable for security and portability purposes.

Step 1

Plug the power cable in the rear of the Garmin GPS unit into the AC port. This provides power to the device.

Step 2

Insert the round end of the suction-cup mount into the socket on the rear of the cradle, which is the piece that secures the Garmin device. Press the two pieces firmly together to secure the connection. When you hear a "click" sound, the pieces are locked into place.

Step 3

Pull the lever on the suction-cup up, then press the suction-cup against the windshield, in the location that you would like to mount the device. Push the lever down to form a seal between the suction-cup and the windshield.

Step 4

Place the bottom of the Garmin GPS unit into the bottom of the cradle, aligning the notch on the cradle with the groove on the bottom on the unit. Press the top of the GPS into the cradle to secure the connection.

Step 5

Plug the other end of the Garmin GPS power cable into the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle.

Step 6

Slide the power key on the top or side of the Garmin GPS to turn the device on. If the battery is dead, you will need to turn on the vehicle with the Garmin power adapter connected to power and charge the unit. Once the unit is turned on for the first time, it will automatically attempt to locate the satellites, which may take several minutes. If the device can not locate the satellites, move the vehicle to an open location, free of trees and tall buildings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with local laws to ensure that you can legally drive with a GPS device mounted on your windshield.

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