How to Set Up a New Yahoo Account

By Arthur Barnhouse

Setting up a new Yahoo! account will not only allow you to use the free email service, it will also give you access to Yahoo! Messenger. With Messenger, you will be able to send and receive instant messages, as well as access an assortment of chat rooms. Of course, with Yahoo! mail, you will be able to send, receive and store email from friends, businesses and professional contacts. Creating a new Yahoo! account is an easy task that can be finished in less than five minutes.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser and navigate to "" On the left side of the page, you will see "Yahoo! Mail." Place your cursor on "Yahoo! Mail" and click "Open Quick View."

Step 2

Click on "Sign Up," which is under "Don't have a Yahoo! ID?" This will bring you to the registration page where you will provide the information necessary to create your account.

Step 3

Type in your first name and last name and then select your gender. Also, enter your date of birth, country in which you live and your postal code.

Step 4

Create your Yahoo! ID and password. Use an ID and password that you will not easily forget. However, ensure that your password is secret and difficult to crack. Do not use your birthday, name or address.

Step 5

Select your security questions and the appropriate answers. These questions and answers will be asked if you ever happen to forget your ID or password. Make sure you choose questions to which you will always remember the answer. Do not pick something random or make up an answer, as you may forget.

Step 6

Type the code that is displayed in the box. If you're having difficulty deciphering the code, select "Try a new code." You can do this as many times as you like until you are given a code that you can easily read.

Step 7

Click on "Create My Account" after you've provided all of the necessary information. Once the account is created, you can sign into your email account, set up Yahoo! Messenger or join a chat room.