How to Setup Email

By Aleksandra Ozimek

Customers of CenturyTel have access to email, which can be set up in an instant. CenturyTel is an Internet service provider serving customers in 21 states in the Great Lakes region, Pacific NorthWest region and the South. Its Internet service is dial-up, but can be conveniently accessed. Upon sign-up, customers immediately can set up their email in addition to optional web pages.

Step 1

Sign up for dial-up service if you haven't done so already. You can order online (see Resource) or by calling the toll free number at 877-SURF-CTL to choose from additional options.

Step 2

Open your email program. The programs which work with email include Netscape Communicator, Netscape Navigator, Outlook Express, Internet Mail, Mac's Mail, Eudora Pro or Eudora Light. These programs work with either Mac or Windows computers.

Step 3

Set up a new account or create a new email address if you already have an email account using the preferences or options tab in these programs to access Accounts in these email programs or Identity if you are using Netscape. Your email address will be and you must remember to enter this as the email alias. You may be asked to enter your full name and a password in addition to other options.

Step 4

Change the server settings under SMTP server and POP server, which should appear in the same window as the new email address which you are creating. These servers should have the same name entered in which is determined by your state. If you are in AR, LA, MS, TN or TX, use; if you are in MI or OH, use; if you are in WI, use; or if you are in CO, MT, WA or OR, use This will assure that you receive and send mail without any problems.

Step 5

Choose an identity name or user ID which can be the same as your email address but without the "" extension, and enter it after you changed the server names. You also can choose additional options, for example, to have the email program open up automatically when you start your computer, or to check your email every 15 minutes or so.

Step 6

Click "OK" or "Save" to save any changes you made. Your email is now set up. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call the company's toll free Internet Client Support number at 800-809-1410 to get help pertaining to your particular situation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Send a test email to yourself by entering your own email address into the "To" section of the email, or to someone you know, just to see if the email arrives and if you can accept emails without problems.
  • Always use a password, and don't save it so that your email Inbox opens without a password if you share a computer with someone else.