How to Shut Off an IPod

By Bennett Gavrish

Even though all iPod models will shut off after a few minutes of inactivity, you may want to manually power your iPod down in order to conserve battery power. Once your iPod has been properly shut off, you can put it on hold. This will keep the iPod from powering back on when a button is inadvertently pressed.

Things You'll Need

  • IPod

Step 1

Press the pause button below the click wheel to pause the current song or video playback.

Step 2

Press the menu button until you arrive at the main iPod menu.

Step 3

Hold down the pause button below the click wheel for approximately three seconds. The iPod will shut off and the display will go blank.

Step 4

Move the hold button on the top of the iPod to the locked position. The iPod is now on hold and will not turn on again until the device is taken out of hold mode.